Buyers Guide to Dragon uPVC Product
� ”Level and Square” is crucial for installation of uPVC windows and doors.
� Measure from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Proper installation should show that the two measurements are same (difference should be less than 5mm).
� Sides of windows and doors with drain holes should always be placed to face outside of the house.
� Frames which carry drain holes should always be placed as the bottom sides.
� Installation holes are pre-drilled on Dragon uPVC windows and doors, and please use the installation holes to screw them in.
� For Fixed Windows, glass needs to be removed before the window can be screwed in.
� For Sliding Door, frames and sliding pieces must be installed separately.
� For Casement Window, French door and Swing Door, minor adjustment can be made through hinges.
� For Recessive Screen Door, bottom track must be kept off dirt and waste from ongoing construction. In case the screen doesn’t slide smoothly, please DON’T slide it with force; consult Dragon customer service Dept. for instruction.
� For All Windows and Doors, in case there is a difficulty in operating a latch, lock, handle, or locking mechanism, please DON’T handle with force; consult Dragon customer service Dept. for instruction.
� Installation screws might be provided upon request based on availability.
� After installation, please remove all protective tape from the faces of Dragon uPVC product right away, and clean where necessary with warm soapy water one time. PROTECTIVE TAPE MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY AFTER INSTALLATION! Otherwise, tropical sun will stick them permanently on the frame.
� Any installation holes which are not filled with installation screws must be sealed properly with silicone.
� Dragon uPVC product can be easily wiped clean with damp cloth from clean soapy water.
� Apply a bit of “CIF” where bad stain is, wipe clean the “CIF”, and dry surface with clean cloth.
� Corroding chemicals are absolutely prohibited to be applied to Dragon uPVC product including frame, panel, glass, hardware etc.
� Please DON’T scratch Dragon uPVC product with a hard brush or sharp substance which damages the face of uPVC frame.
� Our Impact glass is a kind of compound glass, which is made by attaching a layer of tough PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) film to a piece of sheet glass and get it processed under pressure.
� Please DON’T scratch the filmed side with a hard brush or sharp substance which damages the structure and surface of the PVB film.
� Windows with impact glass must be installed in a way that the PVB film is kept inside the house.
Where there is uncertainty or confusion, please consult the Sales & Customer Service Dept. of Dragon uPVC product @ 767-448-0253 or 767-275-7372 for instruction and assistance.

Your business is always being appreciated. Enjoy Dragon uPVC product which provides the quality of life you deserve!

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